Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Can you help me?

Hi Everyone!!!!

It has been a while since I updated this blog. But things are going great.

I am still following the Dr. Wahls Diet and working out daily as well as drinking vegan chocolate shakeology.

All of it together is helping me soo much.

This year I'm participating in the Nancy Davis Foundation Virtual Race to Erase MS to help erase multiple sclerosis. Please consider sponsoring me with a donation so that the Race to Erase MS can continue in their quest to find a cure for this debilitating disease!

Hundreds of thousands of people across the country have MS and people are diagnosed with this incurable disease everyday. There are an estimated 400,000 people in the US alone who have been diagnosed with MS. These people are our friends, our family members, or neighbors and our coworkers. Organizations like the Race to Erase MS and those they partner with are on the frontlines helping those with MS and raising awareness for this disease.

Please consider making a donation today. No amount is too small, and whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated. Please help me raise awareness for this cause and raise vital funds for MS research so within the next few years we can find a cure multiple sclerosis, and people will no longer have to live with this disease.

Thank you!

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I am excited to be supporting such an amazing organization! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My 23andMe DNA test resutls are in! Learn what new information I found out about my health!

So recently I decided to do a DNA test through 23andme. I had been wanting to do a DNA test of some type anyways because I am adopted and wanted to see if my missing brothers Matthew Clooney and Theodore Araiza also had done a DNA test and if it might help me find them. Or just to have the DNA stored incase in the future they look and do a test then we could be matched.

https://www.teambeachbody.com/tbbsignup/-/tbbsignup/free?referringRepId=191102But I was also curious about my health. While I already have Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis I was curious to learn about any other health issues I may or may not have. Or even any risks I have for certain diseases.

Well my results are in and I found that I actually inherited the  H63D Mutations in the HFE Gene that can Cause Hemochromatosis.

Already having MS I was a bit upset with this information and at the same time glad cause now I will follow up with my doctor and have a routine blood test that can tell us if I have an iron overload.

I learned that Hereditary hemochromatosis is an iron overload condition caused by gene mutations that disrupt the body's ability to regulate iron uptake. The most common form of HH is caused by mutations in the HFE gene. HFE-related HH is inherited in a recessive manner, meaning that a person must receive a mutated copy of the HFE gene from each parent in order to have the condition. People with just one of the mutations described here are not typically at risk for iron overload.

So while I am not at a major risk of having this illness it sure got me thinking about a controversial procedure that some people have undergone to manage their MS. CCSVI or Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency.

What I found incredibly interesting is that this Italian Dr. Paolo Zamboni has put forward the idea that many types of MS are actually caused by a blockage of the pathways that remove excess iron from the brain - and by simply clearing out a couple of major veins to reopen the blood flow, the root cause of the disease can be eliminated.

He formed a hypothesis on how this could lead to MS: iron builds up in the brain, blocking and damaging these crucial blood vessels. As the vessels rupture, they allow both the iron itself, and immune cells from the bloodstream, to cross the blood-brain barrier into the cerebro-spinal fluid. Once the immune cells have direct access to the immune system, they begin to attack the myelin sheathing of the cerebral nerves - Multiple Sclerosis develops.
He named the problem Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency, or CCSVI.

So in his theory he believes that there is too much iron built up in the brain. The fact that I already have MS and now have found that I am a carrier of a disease that the core issue is iron overload is crazy to me. I really wish neurologists would stop putting their hands up to new treatments or possibilities of treatments for patients with MS. If a new treatment could help someones overall quality of life then what the heck is the problem?? Just let people get better! 

So I am really going to seriously consider this as an option. I mean I already was sort of but now with my 23andme results and learning about Hemochromatosis I want to take an even closer look at this and most likely have it done

I will update you all on my blood test results and what my doctors have to say if anything about my 23andme test results.

I am also curious if anyone else out there with MS has Hemochromatosis and how you treat it as well as how you manage your MS with respects to already having Hemochromatosis. I am curious now how certain medicines may help or hurt our situation with both illnesses. Any info is appreciated. Thanks again to all my followers and people who have supported me in this journey with MS and my journey to getting healthier! I truly truly appreciate it!

If you have limited info on your health I recommend getting a DNA test. It can be scary to learn your risks of certain illnesses but I feel that knowledge is power. So just go for it! Click here to get your own 23andme DNA test!

Friday, October 18, 2013

It is my BIRTHDAY! What are you grateful for?

So I turned 32 today. And in looking back at my life I realize I have overcome so much. While this blog is specifically about Multiple Sclerosis, I am much more than that. I was also adopted when I was just 6 months old. And went through much to find my birth family. My birth father has died. I only recently found out. But I am grateful for so many things. I am grateful I found him at just 18 so he could tell me where my birth mother lived and this helped me locate my Grandmother who I had the pleasure to know for 3 years before she passed., and many other amazing family members. So while my start to life was bumpy I am grateful for so many things and I just wanted to share that. I am grateful for my Mom and Dad who raised me right! And taught me common sense! Thanks you guys! :)

Having MS can really suck. But I am grateful I have it. Number one reason is if I had never been diagnosed with
Multiple Sclerosis I probably never would have started eating better and took back my health. Most likely I would have had a heart attack instead so I am grateful that MS woke me up enough to get my health on track. I am also so happy I have been able to help so many amazing people and meet so many awesome folks since being diagnosed. I feel like there is a reason I am in this position and I feel great that I can offer hope to so many newly diagnosed young peeps.

I love that I also became a beachbody coach. I have an amazing team! Team Warriors and we all help and support one another in our goals to get healthier. So Beachbody gives me another platform to help others and share my message.

I am just grateful for many things! I am grateful for my very supportive husband and kids!


What about MS has changed you? What are you grateful for? I think when we focus on what we are grateful for it can really help heal us :) I would love to hear from you! Comment below a positive that has happened in you life since being diagnosed with MS.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Jack Osbourne is eating the Wahls Way!!!

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I saw this article that Dr. Terry Wahls shared this morning about Jack following her diet!!! I have been following this diet for over a year and it has helped me manage my MS and truly get the inflammation down. I have only had one relapse the entire time I was on this diet but recovered rapidly when the Doctors were not sure I would recover. I know if I had been eating garbage still my recovery would have looked a lot different. But I am just one girl sharing the message of my own experience on this amazing diet. It is nice to see Jack share the message too so more people can also get on this diet and have real hope!!!!! 
So what in the world have I been up to? I have been working out, eating clean and LIVING!! MS doesn't control me any more. I live my own life and am loving it! Probably why I haven't had time to update this blog and I am sorry. But it is good news to say the least!!! I am still on Copaxone but have not stopped or changed the diet. I also still exercise daily and am loving my new venture as a beachbody coach. You can add me as your coach and join my amazing  Team Warriors by click this link  
Make Karen My Coach NOW! FREE :)  Be sure to add me on facebook if you already haven't and I will welcome you to my free accountability group. We all support one another in our goals to not only slow MS but get healthy and happy through clean eating and exercising. NO you do not have to have MS to join :) Anyone is welcomed!!!  Anyways check out the article below it is great to see so many people with or without MS eating better and sharing the message of true and optimal health!
Jack Osbourne
At the mere age of 26 and a new father, Jack Osbourne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in spring 2012, reported ABC News.
The autoimmune disease affects the brain and spinal cord. Approximately 400,000 Americans suffer from MS, according to the National MS Society.
But Osbourne is taking a proactive approach to fighting the symptoms of MS. His motto? “Adapt and Overcome.”
“Diet is a big thing. I am a firm believer in you are what you eat. I juice a lot, I try and stick to a Paleo Diet. At its core, I look at MS as inflammation, so I try and eliminate foods that cause inflammation: dairy, gluten, grains.”
Osbourne stays inspired by the story of Dr. Terry Wahls, who defeated the progressive disease without drugs by treating food as medicine.

Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2013/08/19/10-celebrities-and-athletes-touting-benefits-paleo-diet-150948